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quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2013

37 Days. by: sato [25-11-2012]

Sato is.

37 days remaining this year.

Miku traveling → South America.
Reo&Aki → Osaka.
Yumeji → In shibuya (Realizing a dream)
I → while

While I was doing songs while I played video games.

New music is fine「Interesting」
It has meaning and feeling quite
For that I make it as fun
I either ride it slowly

I hope the coming year Lc5 make new songs everyone should be waiting for it (smile)
Now you have a period of 「Preparation」


Plan M-310.

She is all white.
There are also some trim color cream, is a stronger tone.

I think it will be better if the last repair is「White」

What do you think.
The M-310 indicating that there is still much to be tidy and uses it

Recently I'd have to visit the UK, there is no doubt that some things are great.!
To be specific I go do a tour soon.


Banda which was my first MELLO her name.
I started to make some preparations.

You can see.

07/12 Shibuya Box
16/12 Sapporo CubeGarden


November 11th I attended the recording.

November 26 at 20:00 (Monday)
And the support was GACKT.

If you want to visit.

... Lc5 bet he invited you all to ask「Oh, why did it !」

Oh, unfortunately
I can not answer.



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